Tadrart Acacus

In the Tadrart Acacus mountain range and the area south of Wadi Al-Hayat (the Hayat Valley) there are some extraordinary galleries with paintings and engravings depicting life from as long as 10,000 years ago.  Libya’s earliest human settlers lived in a very different climate to the desert environment of today.  Even as recently as 4000 BC there was a Mediterranean climate over the region.  Experts classified this host of Rock Arts of Libyan Desert to be one of the finest concentrations of prehistoric rock art in the whole of Africa.

A number of sites have interesting depictions of the life of the Garamantian civilization, showing some Garamantese warriors in their famous four horse chariots.

The Tadrart Acacus mountain area is one of the highlights of Libya.  Even without its paintings it would be one of the most stunning parts of the Sahara because of the wild beauty of its terrain.